Instrument Signal Concentrators

Remote Emergency Shutdown Device Improves Safety and Performance at Oil Production Platform - Jim McConahay and Richard Conway - When Italian multinational oil and gas company ENI Petroleum needed help designing a real-time communications link to its Devil's Tower oil well platform off the coast of Louisiana, they turned to Moore Industries for help. By integrating our NCS NET Concentrator System® into their communications system, ENI Petroleum has developed a reliable method for dealing with potential emergency situations that meets new federal regulations and reduces the possibility of false shutdowns - from Moore Industries and Control Design.

Instrument Problem Solvers from Moore Industries - These are REALLY excellent.

Temperature Sensors, Transmitters and Assemblies

Corrosion Causes Inaccurate Measurement
Differential Temperature in a Heat Exchanger
Enhance Accuracy Using Transmitters
False Spike Leads to Expensive Shutdowns
Get the Average of Three RTD Signals
High Accuracy Clean Room Monitoring
Interfacing Temperature Sensors to a DCS
Mass Flow Temperature Compensation
Prevent False Shutdowns
Temperature Calibration Made Easier
Total Sensor Diagnostics Cuts Time and Cost
Universal Temperature Transmitters Cut Costs
Why Use Temperature Transmitters Instead of Direct Wiring?

A Practical Guide to Improving Temperature Measurement Accuracy - Gary Prentice - For many temperature applications, getting a high level of accuracy is vital. "A Practical Guide to Improving Temperature Measurement Accuracy" highlights how plant and site engineers can ensure the most accurate temperature measurement for critical applications. This article details steps that can also help end users improve the stability of their measurements and reduce calibration costs - from Moore Industries.

Limit Alarm Trips and Switches

Avoid Motor Damage from Overheated Bearings
Dual Alarm Warns Prior to Full Shutdown
Flare Stack Burn Out
Hard Alarm Required for Insurance Policy
Open Circuit Detection for a 4-20mA Input
Shutdown System Needed at Refinery
Use One Process Signal for Two Different Tasks
Warn of Power Loss to Process Motor

Signal Transmitters, Isolators and Converters

Boost Power to an Overloaded Loop
Compressor to PLC Interface
Convert Signal for DCS Analysis
Custom Linearization Handles Odd Shaped Tank
Cut Costs with Power Supply Sharing
Field-Configurable Converter Blocks RFI
HART Signal Interference
Isolator Gets Power from Input Side of Loop
Isolator "Passes" HART Digital Signal
Monitoring Battery Voltage
One Isolator Can Take the Place of Two
Protect Your Loop with Area Isolation
Put an End to "Bucking" Power Supplies
RFI Plagues Variable Frequency Drives
Share a Process Signal at Two Locations
Split Range Valve Control
Step Down Unsafe High Level Signals
Stop Ground Loops

Smart HART Transmitters, Monitors and Interfaces

4-20mA Isolator Passes HART Signal
Additional HART Loops to Share Process Signals
"Break Out" Analog Signals with the HIM
Connecting a HART Device to a DCS with MODBUS
Connecting HMI to Tank Gauge Sensors
Digital Signal Unaffected by Analog Errors
HART pH Transmitter Interface to Control Room
HART Multiplexers That Maximize Space
HART Signal Interference
Monitoring and Powering a 2-Wire Transmitter
Multi-Level Alarming for a Single Process Variable
Passing HART Signals While Maintaining Safety Isolation
Reducing Process Disruption in On-Line ESD Valve Testing
Safeguard Expensive I/O Cards from Overloading
Use HIM in "Listen" Mode to Sample HART Data

Process Control and Distributed I/O Networks

Compressor Station Monitoring Using Redundant MODBUS
Concentrate Signals to Reduce Wiring Costs
Data Monitoring Using Internet Explorer
Interface Transmitter Signals to DeltaV Over Ethernet
Interface Transmitter Signals to DeltaV Over MODBUS
Interface with 4-Wire MODBUS RTU Control Systems
Interface with AB PLCs in High Ambient Temperatures
Interface with OSI Pi Historian
Monitoring Remote I/O Sites Over Telephone Lines
Multiple Ground Loops Plague Oil Refinery
Peer-to-Host Data Collection Over Ethernet
Peer-to-Host Data Collection Over Twisted Pair
Peer-to-Peer Distributed I/O Network Over Ethernet
Temperature Sensor-to-Ethernet-to-Analog Signal Conversion
Transfer Critical Signals Over a Wireless Data Link
Utilize Fiber Links for Critical Remote Signals

I/P and P/I Converters

Crowded Pneumatic Cabinet Needs More Signals
I/P Conversion in High Vibration Environments
Save Money by Replacing Pneumatic Tubing
Split Range Valve Control

AC Power Transducers and Monitors

Blending Consistency Monitoring
Monitoring Motor Power Consumption
Save Money by Monitoring Peak Demand
Warn of Power Loss to Process Motor

Thanks to Moore Industries.

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