Process Samplers

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Introduction to Process Sampling

Drawing process samples in open containers invites contamination and inaccuracy, and also poses serious health, safety and environmental risks. Due to the growing complexity of the industrial processes in general and...

The Need for an In-Line Oil-In-Water Monitor

A.W. Jamieson
Shell U.K. Exploration and Production, Aberdeen


In-line oil-in-water monitors have long been wanted for monitoring overboard discharges from oil and gas producing facilities, or for controlling water handling systems. In general their performance has fallen far below operational requirements. New techniques and steadily increasing demands for better measurement capabilities mean that systems are becoming available with the...

Humidity Sensors for Industrial Applications

It could be argued that humidity plays a part in every industrial production process. The very fact that our own atmosphere contains water vapour bears witness to this fact even if it is only that the end product is likely to be stored and eventually used in our environment; therefore, the product’s potential performance under varying conditions of humidity must be known. The extent to which humidity plays a part in any given production process...

Analyser Sample Systems

Analyser Sample Systems require experienced design engineering in order to achieve a representative, conditioned sample for analysis. Engineering design requires careful selection of materials, temperature and pressure conditioning along with correct process data. Don't forget, it is generally accepted that analyser sample systems are the victims of the Pareto principle (i.e., 20% of a system consumes 80% of the resources) since they are responsible for 80% of...

Humidity Measurement and Instrumentation

General Humidity Measurement Technology

A Technical article on General Humidity - Humidity Definitions, Details on Relative or Absolute Humidity, Practical Requirements of Humidy Measurement, State of the Technology and functional principles - from Vereta.

Notes on Relative Humidity - from the University of Illinois.

Atmospheric Moisture - Sample chapter from the textbook Meteorology Today by C. Donald Ahrens. (PDF 1.5MB 22 pages) - Thanks to...

pH Measurement and Instrumentation

pH Measurement - A sample chapter from the title Practical Analytical Instrumentation in On-Line Applications - This chapter shows the need for pH measurement, Describes the properties of water, Defines pH, Demonstrates the principle of both the measuring and reference electrodes and their relationship to each other, Explains the Nernst equation and its dependence on temperature, Lists the various sources of error in the measurement of pH and shows how...

Oxygen Analyser

Oxygen Measurement for Combustion Optimisation - Combustion optimisation for boilers and other combustion processes has long been an important issue with increasing fuel prices. There are many end users in Australia with fuel bills inexcess of one million dollars. With typical costs of combustion optimisationsystems, and possible fuel savings in excess of 5%, pay-back periods can be veryshort. This economy is based primarily on the measurement of oxygen in the fluegas - from...

Oil in Water Analyser

The need for an In-Line Oil in Water Monitor - A.W. Jamieson Shell U.K. Exploration and Production, Aberdeen.

The following technical papers and application case studies are compliments of Jorin Ltd:

On-line determination of particle size and concentration (solids and oil) using ViPA Analyser - A way forward to control sub sea separators - A paper by Dr. Kami Nezhati, Senior Development Engineer, Merpro Ltd, Nick Roth, Technical Director, Jorin Ltd and Rick Gaskin...