High Integrity Pressure Protection Systems (HIPPS)

These are sometimes identified as

High Integrity Pipeline Protection Systems

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High Integrity Pipeline Protection Systems Description

These systems have been utilised in Germany for over 30 years and are proven to be extremely reliable in very rapid isolation of...

Norflow seminar, 9th June 1999

High Performance Multiphase Metering - A Personal Perspective

Mr A.W. Jamieson, Shell U.K. Exploration and Production


Multiphase meter development over the last twenty years has produced a variety of commercially available meters that have already brought large savings to the oil industry. In high production cost areas such as the North Sea, the potential applications call for meters with a significantly higher performance. This need for higher...

Laser Instruments and Instrumentation

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Laser Radar Instrumentation depends on knowing the speed of light, approximately 0.3 meters per nanosecond. Using that constant it is calculated how far a returning light photon has travelled to and from an object: Distance= (Speed of Light x Time of Flight) / 2. It works as follows;

  1. Laser generates an optical pulse.
  2. Pulse is reflected off an object and returns to the system...

Multiphase Flow Metering

Multiphase Metering - the Challenge of Implementation

High-Performance Multiphase Metering - a Personal Perspective

Good Practice Guide - An Introduction to Multiphase Flow Measurement - This guide provides an introduction to multiphase flow measurement. Firstly, the document covers key definitions associated with multiphase flow before moving on to multiphase flow patterns and properties. Multiphase flow measurement technologies are introduced, along with...

16th North Sea Flow Measurement Workshop 1998

Multiphase Metering - The Challenge of Implementation

Mr A.W. Jamieson, Shell U.K. Exploration and Production

1. Introduction

“Multiphase flow measurement” is a term that has been increasingly heard since about 1980 amongst operators in oil companies and designers of oilfield facilities. For some, it promised measurement capabilities under new and trying conditions. They saw a need to simplify the design and improve the control of production...

Optical Fibre Technologies in Instruments

Fibre optics are certainly part of the new and emerging technologies themes.

Leak detection in pipelines - here are several very interesting articles from Future Fibre Technologies.

FFT FOPSS LDS IntroPaper.pdf

FFT Pipeline Integrity Paper.pdf

Fibre Optic Sensors for Measurement of Flow, Level, Pressure, Stain, Temperature and Vibration.

Super information from Davison Instruments, to get their papers click here.

Shutdown and Blowdown Valves - Partial Closing Techniques

For some years now there have been systems available to check and report on the operation of shutdown and blowdown valves by partially closing and validating the results.

There are various schools of thought on the technique, and whilst it does not fully validate the integrity of the valve, the partial closing does give the valve some exercise and monitor such things as break out torque and parameters over the 10-20% operation. This...