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Samson Controls operates as a subsidiary of Samson AG of Germany, who is recognised as being leaders in the field of Control Valve technology. They are one of the top 5 leading suppliers in the Chemical Industry worldwide and in the top 5 suppliers of Control Valves worldwide.

Samson manufactures Industrial Control Valves, Self-Operated Regulating Valves and an extensive range of process instrumentation, especially Valve management accessories.

Focussed to meet all of the technical and quality requirements of the petrochemical, mining, petroleum, food & beverage, chemical, pulp & paper, oil & gas and sugar industries, Samson manufacture their Valves to the highest possible quality standards being authorised by the German TUV. This Authorisation confirms that Samson provides facilities, which allow for the proper manufacture, inspection and testing of products according to the latest technical standards.

Samson is accredited to the Quality Assurance Standard of ISO 9001.

The intense commitment and high level of investment into Research and Development, has resulted in Samson Control Valves possessing an extremely modular and compact construction, bearing significantly reduced weight and height when compared to other globe valve designs.

Samson have a wide manufacturing programme, which encompasses two-way, three-way and angle globe valves, high performance butterfly, eccentric disc/ball and PTFE lined control valves, positioning Samson with the ability to offer the right control valve solution for every application.

Specialising in Valves for chemical applications, erosive service, noise and cavitation control, Samson control valves can be equipped with low noise cages and hardened metal or ceramic trims. Special trim materials, such as Tool Steel WN1.4112 and Ceramics have been successfully employed in erosive and cavitating/flashing media, providing significantly increased life over standard trim materials.

Excellent rangeability of 50:1 is achieved through the use of a special low-noise, characterised V-Ported Plug (designed to provide longer life in cavitating applications too), and the wide interchangeability of trim sizes (with up to 22 Cv values per valve size). By a simple exchange of the plug and seat, optimum control performance within any body size can be achieved.

Special steam conditioning valves provide simultaneous pressure and temperature reduction, within a single Valve body. The Type 281/284 valve body designs provide outstanding turndown (50:1), low-noise, low-vibration operation and excellent atomisation, over a wide range of flows.

All Samson control valves can be equipped with multi-spring diaphragm actuators, which may be operated by air, gas or hydraulic fluid including water), electro-hydraulic actuators or electric actuators. The diaphragm actuators are available with epoxy-coated Steel or 316 Stainless Steel enclosures, being especially developed for use in offshore/mining applications.

Our actuators can also be equipped with a ‘fire-safe’ capsule the render them ‘Firesafe’. They are designed to remain tightly closed/open in the event of a fire, for up to 8 hours.

In addition to control valves, Samson manufacture a high performance range of pneumatic, analog, and smart positioners. Optionally equipped with an interface abiding to HART, Profibus or Fieldbus Foundation protocols, these Smart Positioners use standardised mounting kits for attachment to all types of rotary and linear control valves. Samson DVCs provide an auto-calibration function, enable parameter establishment and have comprehensive monitoring and diagnostic features, with information being accessed locally or remotely as preferred.

Samson positioners are certified intrinsically safe, approved to Australian Standard EEx ia n IIC T6 - for use in hazardous and explosion-proof areas. A full range of Valve accessories are available, including I/P converters (with up to 8 Bar output), air filter regulators, lock-up valves and speed control devices (with 316SS housing options).

Furthermore, as a complement to the Control Valve range, Samson manufacture a wide range of self-operated regulating valves from ½" to 20" NB for steam, gas and liquid applications. These valves require no auxiliary energy, are very accurate and are also of a modular construction, available with a wide range of low noise trims. They are easy to assemble and service, and greater safety can be achieved as they continue to work reliably in the event of power failure. Designs are available for pressure, temperature, and differential pressure and flow control with optional electric override and safety shut-down features.

Samson Controls offers full technical sizing, application support and can assist with custom designed Valves for special applications. Our sizing programme which may be used to size all types of control valves, incorporates four different Noise Calculation methods, including the new International IEC Standard 534-8-3, plus a special Samson calculation method, based upon over 3,000 actual performance tests. Please contact us for information, or if you wish to purchase a copy.

If you have an enquiry, or would like any further information on our products, please contact us, or see us on the Web at

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