Oxygen Analyser

Oxygen Measurement for Combustion Optimisation - Combustion optimisation for boilers and other combustion processes has long been an important issue with increasing fuel prices. There are many end users in Australia with fuel bills inexcess of one million dollars. With typical costs of combustion optimisationsystems, and possible fuel savings in excess of 5%, pay-back periods can be veryshort. This economy is based primarily on the measurement of oxygen in the fluegas - from processonline.com.au.

Paramagnetic oxygen measurement - Thanks to DragerSafety.

The following technical references are from Delta F Analysers:

  • Paramagnetic Principles
  • Zirconium Oxide
  • Galvanic Fuel Cell
  • Polarographic
  • Delta F Non-Depleting Coulometric

Polarographic Oxygen Measurement For Cost-efficient, In-situ Operation - For the measurement of oxygen in continuous process analysis, several technologies are available. Because they differ widely in terms of application coverage, field performance and ease of use, the right technology has to be carefully chosen. In this white paper, we review the possibilities offered by measurement systems based on polarographic sensing technology - from Mettler-Toledo AG Process Analytics.

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