Choke Valves

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Choke Valve General Information

Choke Valves are severe service valves which are designed specifically for oil and gas wellhead applications, both in a surface and subsurface context. They are used for controlling the flow on production, reinjection and subsurface wellheads. Choke Valves are subjected to typical wellhead extreme conditions which can cause erosion, corrosion and other damage. Typically this can include high fluid velocity, slugging, sand production...

Composite Valves

Composite valves are made from strong, light weight composite materials. Their graphite and fiberglass reinforced thermoset and thermoplastic resins are resistant to acids, caustics, bleaches and more than one thousand other industrial and waste treatment chemicals, at half the cost of traditional alloy valves.

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Control Valves

This Comprehensive Control Valve Technical Information Page covers Selection and Design, Cavitation and Flashing in Control Valves, Control Valve Actuators, Butterfly Control Valves, Control Valve Sizing, Split Range Control Valves, Control Valve Applications, Control Valve Noise Calculation and Prediction, Control Valve Maintenance, Control Valve Positioners and Self Operated Regulators.

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Evaluation of ControlValve Performance is Necessary in Plant Betterment Programs

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Control valves affect the performance of power plant in terms of output, heat rate, reliability and availability because they are the final control elements in the operation. Therefore, critical evaluation of control valves must to be an integral...

Fire Safe Control Valve Actuators

An essential part of equipment safety is to be able to maintain the fail-safe position when a fire breaks out. In case of pneumatic linear actuators, the fail-safe position must be assumed and maintained when air supply fails or the diaphragm ruptures.

Usually, springs are used to perform this task. They force the valve to move to the fail-safe position when dangerous situations emerge or damages occur. On failure of air supply, the Actuator springs act...

Fluid Kinetic Energy as a Selection Criteria for Control Valves


A selection criteria is provided that assures a control valve will perform its control function without the attendant problems of erosion, vibration, noise and short life. The criteria involves limits on the fluid kinetic energy exiting through the valve throttling area. Use of this criteria has resolved existing valve problems as demonstrated by retrofitting of the internals of many valves and vibration measurements...

Getting Optimum Performance through Feedwater Control Valve Modifications

Brian Leimkuehler, P.E.
(Presently at ComEd, LaSalle County Nuclear Station)

Sanjay V. Sherikar, P.E.
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FROM: Sixth EPRI Valve Technology Symposium
July 14-16, 1997
Portland, Maine


Good control of the feedwater system is very important for smooth operation at nuclear power plants. The performance of the feedwater control valves, which are the final...

Specialist Power Plant Valves

HORA is one of Germany's leading manufacturers of control valves with more than 35 years of experience. This independent company specialises in the design and manufacture of severe service valves in power plants, e.g turbine bypass stations, desuperheaters, pump protection valves and feedwater control valves. The company's minimum flow valves protect centrifugal pumps from potential damage caused by thermal and hydraulic overloads at low load operations. Hora...

Pressure Regulators

A Pressure Regulator automatically regulates the flow to maintain pressure in accordance with the amount of demand.

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Pressure Regulator Technical Information

The following information is from GO Regulator:


Pressure Safety Relief Valves

Safety and Relief Valves for Steam, Gas, Vapour & Liquid Service - Protection of personnel and equipment is the paramount concern in the selection of safety relief valves for plant operating systems. Only the most reliable safety valves should be considered for such a crucial role. 

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Rupture Discs

Rupture Disc Technical Information

An Introduction to Rupture Disc Technology - from BS&B.

The following excellent technical references are from Cheresources Philip Leckner:

Rupture Disk Specification

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Understanding IEC Aerodynamic Noise Prediction for Control Valves

Floyd D. Jury
Technical Consultant, Fisher Controls International, Inc.

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In 1995, the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) released International Standard IEC 534-8-3 which is designed to calculate a sound pressure level for aerodynamic noise pro-duced by a control valve. This internationally approved and accepted standard is important because it...

Instrument Valves and Accessories


Instrument Valves and Accessories are a critical part of any Instrument Hook Up. The valves and accessories include those listed below. 

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