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One Network Topology Is Not a Silver Bullet - Relationships Make the Difference: Engineering and Thought Are Critical in Determining the Optimal - Network Topology Solution - Ian Verhappen - A number of different industrial network topologies such as star or chicken foot are in use today for the various levels of the enterprise. The field level has different environmental and bandwidth requirements than the control system backbone. These requirements significantly influence the decision-making process of today's automation professional - from Industrial Automation Networks and

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  • The Carrier-band Network Handbook has been the central source for readable information on the IEEE 802.4 network since it was first published in the mid-1980's. PDF download.
  • Guide to Industrial Fiber Optics Originally included as an appendix to the operating manual of our fiber optic repeaters, this guide is now available on-line and as a PDF download.

Application Notes

Sealing F-connectors (.pdf) - details how to install a special type of heat shrink tubing to environmentally seal the connection - cable, F-connector-Tap.

Ground Isolation Taps (.pdf) details concerns about grounding, ground currents (or loops), the generation of noise due to these currents, and how the isolated Tap can overcome these problems.

Torque Wrench (.pdf) details the need for correct torque and how to use a "click-stop" torque wrench.

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