Most Projects Fail because Preliminary Engineering was not done!

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Here are the first steps to success!

Clearly Defined Requirements.

The Preliminary Engineering Proposal Presented by:


Preliminary engineering consists of three parts:

  1. Define the process by generating an ISA standard P&I diagram of all necessary equipment. This documentation will then be used as the media for defining the control system. It will be used to develop the required scope of work.

  2. Meet with operations and maintenance personnel to create an outline of the sequence of operation. This would include any accommodations necessary to support existing equipment that would be integrated into the new modernized control scheme.

  3. Create a detailed specification that includes the systems architecture and controls hardware necessary to accomplish the control and operating configuration defined by parts 1 and 2.

Preliminiary Engineering Detailed Scope of Work

  • Perform field survey and define impact on existing systems.
  • Develop system block diagram drawing detailing systems architecture.
  • Develop ISA P&I drawing of system, compile instrumentation and I / O list.
  • Specify motor controls and determine power distribution requirements.
  • Create sequence of operation and develop specifications for safety and backup requirements.
  • Create Interface display screens, operator console layouts and Human to Machine Interface.
  • Specify software documentation and crash recovery standards.
  • Develop a detailed controls hardware schedule and packaging scheme.
  • Specify installation logistics and timing.
  • Develop training requirements and preliminary schedule.

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