Basics of Electricity

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Power Factor Correction & Energy Savings - Harmonics - a misunderstood phenomenon - Jean-Guy Boudrias & Jeff Barnnard - Harmonics in electrical distribution systems are created from a number of sources and produce  a variety of undesirable side effects, therefore it is important to understand all solutions that are available.  Phase shifting will be reviewed as one concept for solving certain types of problems related to power quality . Both theoretical concepts and a case study are presented - from United Wire & Cables.

The Differences between Watts and Volt Amps - Steve Mackay - I often get questions about the practical differences between watts (W) and volt-amperes (VA); mainly from our civil and mechanical engineering fraternity; but surprisingly also from some electrical types. As you would know, electrical products generally indicate both to show how much energy and current they draw. This Blog details a quick summary of the differences with some interesting alternative calculations to work out total VA.

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