Excess Flow Valves

(Provided by Circor International)

Excess Flow Valves are a useful safety accessory for an Instrument Hook up in that they limit the potential leak if a fitting or tubing fails for some reason.

Excess flow valves close automatically to ensure system safety

Circle Seal XVH Series excess flow valves automatically close leak-tight when a flow spike occurs, preventing uncontrolled release of system fluid to ensure a safe and reliable working environment at low cost and with minimal maintenance requirement.

These quick-acting and versatile flow switches have a high pressure working range of 0 to 6000psig, with various seal and body materials offered for use with any any liquid or gas service and choice of end connections allowing assembly in any system or application. The spring-loaded poppet can be mounted in any orientation.

Both automatic and manual reset versions are available. The bleed valves on automatic models have an 'anti-clog' wire that prevents fluid build-up at the bleed port to increase reliability. Manual valves assure zero leakage until individually reset.

Colored ring bands on all models give instant visual indication of valve type, trip range and seal material.

XVH Series

Circle Seal XVH Series excess flow valve

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