Instrument Enclosures, Sunshades and Supports

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Instrument Enclosures, Sunshades and Supports

It is essential that Instrument Enclosures and Sunshades are considered where Instruments are subjected to a wide range of environmental factors which might impair the efficiency and operation of process instrumentation, such as extremes of temperature, the ingress of dirt, dust and moisture, corrosion, accidental damage and tampering. Options can include electrical or steam heating, ventilation or integral insulation for protection from the world’s climactic extremes, such as Siberia, where the temperature can fall as low as -76°F (-60°C), or Australia / Middle East, where it can reach in excess of 104°F (+40°C).

Enclosure systems are typically used to protect process instrument manifolds and transmitters, solenoid valves, general field instrumentation and remote chemical sealed instruments.

These types of enclosures can be used with a specific range of enclosure manifold systems which enable ease of instrument installation and provides external process and vent connections.

Instrument Enclosures, Sunshades and Supports - Maintaining the integrity of process measurement instrumentation, protection from the effects of the industrial and the natural environment, both on and offshore, is vital, this technical bulletin from Anderson and Greenwood and Prochem Pipeline Products gives a good technical overview of what is required. The bulletin covers Purpose and Applications, Features and Benefits, Technical Specifications Enclosures, EM Manifold Needle Valve, EM Manifolds, Electrical Heating, Electrical Heating, Enclosure Mounting and Instrument Shades.

Modular Mounting System - The Modular Mounting System for instrument impulse line installations has been developed in conjunction with Shell International (SIPM) and has particular applications in the petrochemical and refining industries. You will have to scroll down this document to get to this article - From Prochem Pipeline Products.


Checking for Instrument Gas Leaks

Checking for Fitting Leaks? - "Leak detective" has the answer.


Other Useful Information on Instrument Valves and Accessories

Matching Valve Type to Function - A Tutorial in Valve Selection - Michael D Adkins - In selecting valves for instrumentation, the choices are many and varied. The choice depends mostly on the application the valve is to be used for. When selecting a valve for an instrumentation system, your choices may seem overwhelming. Just to name a few, there are ball valves, diaphragm and bellows valves, as well as check valves, excess flow valves, fine metering, gate, multiport, needle, plug, relief, rising plug and safety valves. Further, each of these valves comes in many sizes, configurations, materials of construction and actuation modes. To make the best choice, it is always good practice to ask the first question in valve selection: what do I want the valve to do? From

PROCHEM PIPELINE PRODUCTS also have a further range of associated products and technical information - find it here.

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