Control, Electrical, Fire & Gas, Instrument and Safety Instrumentation Systems Standards

This Control, Fire & Gas, Instrument and Safety Instrumentation Systems Standards List contains references to Standard Numbers and Links to Freely publicly available standards and Standards Organisations Worldwide where you can search for relevant Automation Standards.

Instrumentation Standards

The following NORSOK standards are available in pdf form at no charge - you do have to register but the process is very simple.

I-001 - Field Instrumentation - This standard identifies the requirements to field instrumentation design.

I-106 Fiscal Metering Systems for Hydrocarbon Liquid and Gas - This NORSOK standard describes the functional and...

Australian Ex Standards for Gas Detection in Explosive Atmospheres

Design of Equipment

AS/NZS 60079.29.1:2008:
Explosive atmospheres - Gas detectors - Performance requirements of detectors for flammable gases

Specifies general requirements for construction, testing and performance, and describes the test methods that apply to portable, transportable and fixed apparatus for the detection and measurement of flammable gas or vapour concentrations with air. The apparatus...

Standards Australia - Australian Standard Bursting disks and bursting disk devices - Guide to application, selection and installation

Section 1. Scope and General

1.1 Scope

This Standard provides guidance on the application, selection and installation of bursting disks and bursting disk devices.

Information which the purchaser may provide to assist in the design or the selection of bursting disks and bursting disk devices is shown in Appendix A.

The information which may be used for...